4 Types of Papers For Sticker Printing in Singapore

by Mika Moore
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Sticker is not something new, everyone knows it and has used it at least once. A sticker is more than meets the eye. It is a small item that can be used not only for decoration but also as an absolutely useful marketing tool. Many people from small to large businesses still make orders for stickers as it is a tool that is highly versatile and can be used in many different ways depending on what purpose you have in mind.

Of course, the quality of stickers you get may vary depending on the printing shop that you use for sticker printing in Singapore. But moreover, you have to understand the importance of choosing the right material for the sticker paper.

1. HVS Paper

HVS paper is most likely the cheapest paper alternative that you can choose to make stickers with. With this cheap cost, you also can’t expect much quality from it. The sticker quality made from HVS paper is low and it is very easy to tear or deteriorate. HVS paper for stickers can’t give it a decent durability as it is not resistant to anything and it is really frail. Stickers printed on HVS paper look cheap and it is not a good option for stickers made for sale. However, if you are using the stickers for yourself, then it is most likely good because you won’t have to spend much money on its production.

However, this type of material is not all bad. Some people still choose to use HVS paper for food packaging and labeling and other similar uses.

2. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper’s quality is not much different from the quality of HVS paper. It has a different appearance, whereas kraft paper has a brownish color instead of the white that HVS paper has. This type of paper has similar characteristics to HVS paper, thus it can be processed with the common office or home printers. It is cheap and it also comes with low durability.

3. Chromo Paper

If you want a glossy looking sticker, then choose chromo paper material. With chromo paper, you can add an extra shine to your sticker that makes it look expensive. If you can’t imagine how does a chromo paper looks like, think of the paper for a magazine. Chromo paper is quite similar to that of paper material. However, this paper is difficult to process with the office or home printer. Thus, you need to get the help of a professional printing service for this high quality material for a sticker. Even though it is more expensive than the two previous materials, it is more durable and it looks a lot better.

4. Vinyl Paper

Vinyl material is one of the most used materials for sticker printing because it is still quite affordable yet it offers high quality sticker result that is on another level. It is resistant to water and other damaging elements. With this material, you can choose to use a coating finish that makes it looks even better and increases its durability.

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