Design Tips for Business Name Cards

by Mika Moore
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Have you ever thought of how important it is to have a name card that is designed appropriately that it can be effective in sharing contact information and in marketing your brand or company as it is given out? A name card may be small, but it can be powerful if efforts in design are pulled off well.

These days, the need for an attractive business card printing and designing that can represent your brand and company well has risen more than ever. People are more aware of the importance of design and how it can truly impact people even with the smallest item.

Now, you might be questioning how to make an effective name card?

Well, read more to find out.

  1. Simplicity is best

As you design your name card, you shouldn’t try to make it too grand by using extravagant design elements. Design with simple fonts, color, and images will appear easier to read and it will look more pleasant to the reader’s eyes.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t put in too much information that in the end will clutter the design of your name card with too many texts. A name card full of texts is a big no. Make sure that it still has remaining empty spaces around the content for a better looking name card.

  1. Ensure legibility

Ensuring legibility means that you make sure that the name card is easy to read by the recipient. A mistake that people do often is choosing the wrong type of font or choosing the wrong color. Fonts that are overly styled are to be avoided. And when it comes to color choice, you have to check with the background color. A dark colored background should go with a light colored text. On the other hand, a light colored backgorund shoudl go with a dark colored text. Keeping a good contrast balance like this can truly make a difference and secure the legibility of the name card. The text will pop out more and it will be much easier for people to read text with high contrast with the background.

Not only the font style and color, but determining the appropriate font size also influences the legibility of the name card. Make sure that the text displayed on your name card isn’t too small. But of course, don’t make it too big either. Try to emphasize the most important information by making it a little bigger than the rest. Paying attention to text hierarchy can boost the quality of your design as well.

  1. Design for your audience

The theme of your name card should go along with the line of your work and the people who are related to it. If the design is too far off, people will find it less easy to remember what kind of company that you represent and generally it is likely that it won’t appeal to them as well. It is important to try thinking about what impression you wish to impose on your target audience and ways to achieve that with your design.

  1. Avoid full coverage

Make some empty space available on your card. The blank space can be useful for the recipient of your card to write down any extra information about your brand or company. It is better to have a design with information more concentrated in the middle because it will be less work for the eyes to see and read the information contained on the name card. Less work and less strain.

  1. Choose the right finish

Simply printing your card on a card stock is not enough. Take it up a notch and choose one or two finishes that can really make a difference in the look and feel of your name card. It will leave a stronger impression toward the receiver of your card, too.

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