Don’t Print Your Name Card Before You Make Sure About These 5 Things

by Mika Moore
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We must be familiar with a name card since it is used universally in a business or professional field. There are various purposes by having it. But, usually for most people, the name card uses to expand their network. They regard the cards as a tool for helping them to enlarge their connection. In the end, that’s one of the reasons why a name card can be used universally.

Another reason that makes people tend to used a name card because it is simple to make. There are six main steps for making it. Starting from prepare and collect the required information, make a concept, design, and finishing the process by printing the card. But, before you jump into the last step, you need to make sure about a few things. By ensuring these few things, it can help you avoid the regular or common mistake of a name card before you print it. So, lets we take a look!

1. Design

First of all, make sure about the design. It is important because design helps you to represent and build an impression on the card. Here are a few things you need to ensure for your design:

  • Make sure that you have inserted the logo on the design (if required).
  • Set the right font type and size to make your information on the card easy to read. 
  • The color and design represent yourself.
  • Save the file in the appropriate format.

2. Information

So, the next thing you have to ensure is about the information. Since a name card will be given to the new person to help them reach you, then adding the latest information or data on the card is absolutely crucial! Frequently, people forget to change their number on the card. They print their old name card design without checking it before. Do you know about the result if you don’t use the updated data on your card? You can lose the opportunity that you may have been waiting for. Therefore, you should make sure that you put only the latest data on your card.

3. Typo

Before you print the design of the card, check the typographical error on it. You don’t want to listen to the other called you “Isa” if your actual name is “Lisa”, right? Another example, people might not be able to reach you by phone because there is a typo on your contact number. That’s why checking the typo is required when making a name card.

4. Completeness of Information

Given the name card is used to make people easier to reach you, then you have to make sure if all the required information has already been added. It doesn’t mean you need to put every information about you on your card. No! Each person has different needs of information on their card. Maybe for some of you, the QR code for the portfolio is needed, but for others, they don’t. So, make sure every data and information that you need is completely written and inserted on the design of the card.

5. Print the Card

Have you decided where you want to print your name card? There are two different ways of printing it, independently using the personal printer or go to the professional name card printing service. But, to make sure you’ll get the best result for your card, since a name card represents yourself, go to the professional printing service will be the right decision for you. 

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