15 Smart Tips on How to Manage Instagram for Business

by Terry Hunyh
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This year, many business owners want to use Instagram to improve their business marketing in Singapore. Instagram is indeed a digital marketing platform that is on the rise or is widely used so that it becomes a potential place for marketing.

Unfortunately, many business people only think instantaneously by using the services of their Instagram manager, they immediately get the results they want. Many things need to be straightened out when you want to build a business Instagram account which will be included in 15 smart tips for managing Instagram, cheque out down below!

  1. Realising common mistakes using Instagram for business

The following are fatal errors that you should be aware of:

  • Post sales products at the beginning using the account
  • Showing off the advantages of products/services in posts is too much
  • Does not build interaction with followers
  • Don’t know market segmentation
  • Don’t know what content your market likes
  • Focus on creating liked content

People love benefit, kindness, giving, and inspiration. Create content according to your market, share benefits, giveaways, or something that inspires them.

  • Create content that can attract interaction

Ignore interesting pictures, but create content that can attract them to like, comment, DM, save and share. This is a very important engagement for the Instagram algorithm.

The higher the engagement of your Instagram account, the higher Instagram will prioritise appearances in the follower feed and Instagram explore.

  • Befriend the Instagram algorithm

A massive giveaway case from online shop accounts owners because the account started to falter due to the algorithm. Their accounts are getting smaller day by day engagements, the smaller they appear in the feeds of their followers, even only 1-10% of their total followers appear.

How come? Followers are getting bored of seeing product selling posts, they want something more valuable. We don’t mean giveaway, it’s a giveaway phenomenon that requires follow, comment, and like is their effort to be friendly with the Instagram algorithm to increase engagement/interaction.

  • Post by asking like

Now and then make good posts and ask for likes from your followers, if your posts are friendly and suitable, we are sure there will be more likes.

Like is an indication that your post is liked by followers, at least 1-5% likes of the total number of followers. From 5 times posting on the feed, create one-time content that asks for likes, don’t ask for likes in every post.

  • Captions that invite comment interaction

Even your pictures don’t matter if you can engage an interaction. The more often followers comment, the higher the likelihood of your post appearing in their feed.

For example, with the question caption: “What’s your problem with this?”, “What do you think about this?”, “Agree or not?”, etc.

Answer one by one with comments that provoke more comments, such as, “What is the reason?”, “How can it be like that?”, “How are you?”, etc. Become familiar with followers who have commented.

  • Recruit an admin

To be able to increase the engagement you must have a super active Instagram admin, ready to reply to comments, DM at a rational time.

Now at night it’s quite crowded, make sure your admin enjoys being ready to reply to comments and DMs at any time, no need 24 hours too.

If you can manage it yourself, it’s certainly better because you already understand the product knowledge, after all, the interaction will also be related to your product.

  • Total posts in feed

A maximum of 3 posts per day, for a minimum there is no limit, you can do it once a day, every 2 days, or every 3 days. The point is that what you post can attract high interaction.

If it’s too often it can even make followers bored, and you run out of what themes to post. But for the beginning, before the first 100 posts, try to be more routine between 1-3 posts per day. After that keep the concept of posts with high-value content.

  • Be active on Instagram stories and use the features

You can make Instagram stories more often between 1-5 per day by adding features to interact such as vote, poll, question, location, countdown, etc.

The number of views and engagement with the feature indicates how many followers like Instagram stories, this is a challenge. So focus on creating quality Instagram stories to attract engagement and engagement.

  1. Concept 5 interaction post and 1 promotion post

Make a concept in a neat post feed, Instagram has 3 feed lines, so try to create 5 content sharing information, inviting interaction, and 1 promotional post inviting to buy, offering products.

The concept of giving receiving, so try your content to provide benefits such as sharing tips and information, 1 promotion will be received by your followers.

It is very possible to share information where to insert brand awareness about your product or service there.

  1. Hashtag variations

There are millions of hashtags, some hundreds of thousands, and even tens. The higher the hashtag your post, the easier it is to sink in the hashtag search explore.

Also use the tens or thousands, because it will be easier to survive in exploring because of a more specific niche.

  1. Always answer comments and DMs

Instagram wants social media accounts that are used to interact, not just for display. But if it’s a personal case, it’s different, because there are so many comments that appear.

It’s about your business, followers, and algorithms. Even you have to try how followers give comments and dm to your business account. This is not an easy challenge, because a business account is different from a personal account.

  1. Advertise on Instagram ads

Choose Instagram ads or endorse? We suggest putting Instagram ads first, some may disagree, but we think you use Instagram for free, by using Instagram ads you also give feedback to Instagram.

Make a variety of ad variations that the results are as expected, don’t need to be expensive, only with a budget from 20,000 per day is good enough for you and the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram has sophisticated systems and data that can reach people according to the right interests, this is much smarter and cheaper than endorsements to artists or celebrities.

Be the account favoured by the Instagram algorithm, use their paid features!

  1. Endorse followers gradually

You may often know that people like to endorse artists who have millions of followers

If your account has 1-1K followers, then look for endorsements with accounts with only 10K-100K followers. If your followers are 10K-100K, then look for an endorsed account with a total of 500K-1M followers, and so on.

  1. Insight analysis

Every time you make posts, Instagram stories, advertise on Instagram ads, or endorse there will be data you get called Insights.

Study the data, compare results, and improvise through those Insights results. For example, what kind of content generates more engagement, what content is saved a lot, etc.

With 700 million monthly active users, Instagram’s power and reach are undeniable. Instagram did start as a simple photo app. But now, Instagram has gone through a lot of changes and has become a platform that allows you to build a visual identity for your business in Singapore. Good luck!

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