Advantages of Using Wax Seal for Wedding Invitations

by Mika Moore
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Do you think your wedding invitation needs a little bit more decoration? How about using a wax seal to make it pop up more? 

Wax seal is undoubtedly a unique and elegant embellishment that is perfect for a wedding invitation. The thing is, it can get a bit tricky to get it right. Wax sealing is more than just pouring down melted wax onto paper and pressing it down with a seal. If done right, a wax seal can be the perfect extra layer of personalization to your wedding invitation. 

1. Address and Postage 

Before you decorate your wedding invitation with the wax seal, remember to address and add postage to it. Some people forget to do this first and end up getting difficulties due to stuffed envelopes. So, remember to tend to the envelopes first instead of doing it after assembling all the wedding invitations. 

2. Assemble First 

Before melting your wax, it is better to assemble everything first especially if you are using the glue gun method. Using this method, the wax heats up and melts quickly. You can be ready for the next seal within seconds and if you take too long between seals, the wax will drip out. So, it is very important to have everything ready right after each one for wax sealing so that you can also work effectively without making a mass. Stuff and seal your wedding invitation envelopes and get several of them ready at the time with the back flap up for effective workflow. 

On the other hand, if you work with wax beads, then there will be more downtime between each seal compared to the glue gun method. Using a wax bead, it is possible to assemble while melting down the wax. If you are in a hurry, it is much better to use the glue gun method because it is much quicker. 

3. Extra Wax Embellishments 

Adding extra embellishments to your wax seal can make it look more beautiful and interesting. Some examples of the embellishments that you can add to your wax seal are dried plants such as lavender, baby’s breath, and rosemary.  

Choosing to make your own wax seal for your wedding invitation takes a lot of time especially if you are not used to it. There might be a lot of trial and error sessions and this might end up getting costly although it is definitely fun to do it on your own. 

If you don’t have time for this or do not wish to go through all that hassle, you can order a custom wax seal in a printing shop like Kiasu Print. In Kiasu Print, you can order a custom wax seal that can be useful not only for wedding invitations but also for important confidential documents, envelopes, letters, and other documents. 

All you need to do is make your order and wait for 4 working days after the artwork confirmation. It is a lot easier, quicker, and you will get high quality wax seal at an affordable price as well. 

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