Don’t Do These 5 Things in Making and Preparing Wedding Invitation Cards!

by Terry Hunyh
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Everyone knows that wedding preparations can be overwhelming sometimes. Lots of things should be prepared, from finding the best venue, makeup artist, photographer, to making wedding invitation cards. Despite its small size, an invitation card is crucial in a wedding celebration and reception. It is a medium to tell people that you formally invite them and hope that they will attend your wedding. We cannot say that preparing an invitation card is easier to do than finding the best gown for the wedding reception because it’s quite simple but requires more details and takes time. So, to make the process easier for you, here are a few things that you should not do when making and preparing the invitations! 

1. There Is No Double-Checking for The Recipient’s Name and Address 

Double-check helps you avoid the wrong spelled name and the wrong typed address of the recipient. Although the misspelled name is something that commonly happened, some people don’t really feel comfortable with that. So, don’t forget to double-check before sending the invitations to the recipients. 

2. Use A Font Type That Is Hard to Read 

Have you found the invitation card that is difficult to read because the font is aesthetically pleasing but too intricate for you? Can you get information even when you cannot read it really well? Using an intricate font type that is hard to read can lead the readers to be misinformed. So, whether you’re designing your own invitation or asking a professional to design yours, choose a font type that can make all information on the invitation easy to read by everyone. 

3. Digital Invitation for Everyone 

Some people choose to only use the digital invitation to minimize the budget of making invitation cards. But one thing that sometimes is forgotten, not everyone has an email address or social media. So, how can you invite them? That is the reason why printed wedding invitation cards are still necessary now. 

4. Underestimating the Process of Preparing and Making Invitation Cards 

Do not and never underestimate if wedding invitation cards will be easy to be prepared. As mentioned earlier, the process of preparing invitations will take time. Starting from making a guest list to sending out invitation cards. So, do not begin to make it a week before the wedding because when the recipient gets the invitation, they probably have marked up their calendar for any other activity or appointments. 

5. Choose Only by Price 

Most people try to minimize their expenses when preparing for a wedding, including when they choose where they want to order invitation cards. One of the things that determine the result of your invitation card is the quality of printing. So, if you are looking for a printing service only because of the price, you will never know what your invitation will look like. So, choose a wedding invitation card printing service that offers high-quality prints and also economical prices! 

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