Mandreel And The Marketing Of Influencers In Singapore

by Mika Moore
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The arrival of the Internet not only provided a channel for continuous exchange between different countries and cultures of the world. The Internet has had the power to influence and change many things in our way of life.

In most cases, its influence has been quite positive, as it has managed to simplify people’s lives in great ways. Thanks to the Internet, you can access stores, banks, institutions, companies, among others; just with the action of a click and without having to leave your home.

In Singapore this reality is not different; rather, it would be fair to say that the internet has given a new meaning to their lives. Singaporeans are characterized by being quite assiduous to the Internet and social networks. The fact that more than 96% of them have an account in social networks and that daily they dedicate two and a half hours to transit by the networks, speaks of it.

But who could criticize them for this, when the Internet offers so many advantages? E-commerce, electronic banking, online communications, digital marketing, influencers…

The Internet has opened the door to new spaces to do things that were previously considered traditional, in a new way. So let’s discuss advertising and the role of influencers within it in Singapore.

We know that digital marketing allows

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has managed to position himself in social networks thanks to the free theme content he produces for his channel. There is an infinite number of influencers dedicated to the subject of beauty, health, family, upbringing, fashion, trends, etc.

As it happens with celebrities, some influencers manage to stand out more than others and manage to amass a large number of followers; who religiously follow their channel, to enjoy all the charms of their personalities.

The combination of networks + influencers has given rise to a new form of advertising in which the influencer takes on the baton to promote a product or service; and create opportunities for the brand through its followers, in whom the company in question can find new clients; thanks to the dissuasive power of the influencer on its audience.

However, as already mentioned, this activity does not respond to conventional advertising. The influencer will take advantage of its channels to give its opinion about the product, exposing its experience and building on the strengths of the product; to create interest among its followers. Generally, this activity does not involve pre-established scripts. However, there is no doubt that influencing will follow certain guidelines.

How is the dynamic?

A company can use the services of a Singapore influencer to promote its services.  You will need the guidance of specialists in influencer marketing and that is where Mandreel comes in; who will gladly help you choose the best influencer.

At Mandreel they are clear about the advantages that an influencer can provide in marketing; starting with the fact that they alone have created an audience of people who share similar interests, therefore, there is already previous market segmentation.

The experts at will help you determine your objectives, find that perfect influence for your marketing campaign, and establish contact. The collaboration also extends to the area of content and the management of a budget tailored to the needs of both parties.

Mandreel will ensure the best possible influence for your product launch or brand awareness. If you just want to strengthen your community, Mandreel will also gladly assist you.

To learn more about this service, which is offered only in Singapore, please visit

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