Read These 5 Points to Know More About Common Seals in Business

by Mika Moore
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In the business field, you probably know that there are several things ordinarily applied for authorize documents. The most frequently used is a signature. However, sometimes the signature is not sufficient to authorize a document. Therefore, a company stamp or a common seal is necessary added for that. But, both of the stamp and seal are applied for different occasion. So, to know more about the detail, you can read the information below! 

1. Definition 

People also called the common seal as a corporate or company seal. Once the seal is affixed to authorize the document, it means the company agrees and recognizes the document. Only the high-level and vital document that can be affixed by using the common seal. Because of that, prior approval by the decision-maker is required before the seal can be applied. Besides, to make the seal easy to explain, people also called it as a company’s official signature. 

2. Purpose 

A common seal is used to verify that the documents already has official approval from the decision-maker. By affixing the seal, it can also make documents become more authentic and decreasing the risk of document forgery. But, the seal is not only can be used by the company. To process a legal document, an individual also can use it. Some of the examples of documents that can be affixed by using the seal are deeds, contracts, international documents, and other vital documents. If you need any advice about the utilization of the seal,  then the best option is that you can ask a professional about it! 

3. Things You Should Consider Before Using the Seal 

Since the seal can be used only for high-level documents, it means there are several things you need to consider before you use it for the first time. So, here is it! 

  • Read and understand the state laws about the common or company seal requirements including when and how to use it.  
  • Use it only for company purpose 
  • By affixing the seal that represent if the company support the agreement 
  • Make sure that you know which document that can be affixed by using the seal. 

4. The Way You Can Get The Seal 

Here are a few things you can follow to get a common seal! 

  • Register your company in the state 
  • Make sure if you know the information that will be required on the seal. Typically, the information required are the name of the company, official logo of the company, name of the state where you register your company, incorporated year, etc. 
  • Get the seal first to the office supply retailer since it is mandatory for when registering the corporation. As an alternative, you can visit common seal in Singapore  to help you get the best seal for your company! 

5. Is Common Seal Different With Company Stamp? 

Yes, both of them are different. As previously mentioned, the seal usually accessed for vital documents, which by law, must be written under the seal. For instance, deeds and contracts. However, the company stamps are used for documents that are offered or signed on behalf of the corporation. Regularly, the stamp is used to show the registration number on a document. So, if the number has already appeared on the document, you don’t need to use a stamp on it. However, there are also similarities between them. Both stamp and seal usually include the name of the company, registration number, and logo on its look. 

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