Thank You Card 101: Everything You Need to Know

by Terry Hunyh
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Thank you card is something that is gradually forgotten these days. What people don’t realize is that this small item is very important. It might be an almost unnoticeable gesture, but it can actually meet a lot especially in this digital era. 

As more people rely on the digital way of sending messages or simple expressions, receiving a physical thank you card can be quite a breath of fresh air. 

What is a Thank You Card? 

thank you card printing is a card that is sent to express gratitude toward somebody. It can be sent for many different reasons. You can thank someone with this card because of something as simple as attending your event or for giving you a monetary gift. 

Why Should You Write a Thank You Card? 

Writing a thank you card is good manners, yes. But that is not all. Writing a thank you card can actually benefit your health. 

A study showed that wringing thank you cards can improve the writer’s happiness and induce more positive energy in their lives. That is simply because of a small act of kindness and gratitude. 

So, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t write a thank you card. 

It’s good for you, it’s good for the recipient as well. 

What Events Are Thank You Card For? 

A thank you card can be used for many different events or occasions. You can thank people simply for being your friend using a thank you card and send them out for the holidays or new years. You can definitely send thank you cards after your wedding, after your birthday party, housewarming party, bridal shower, religious event, awards, accomplishments, and many more. 

You can send a thank you card after receiving both physical and intangible gifts such as favors or something as simple as attendance. 

What do I Need for a Thank You Card? 

Definitely a card stock that is proper. Then, you can also choose to use an envelope. But if not, that’s okay too. If you plan on writing it manually, then you will need a proper ink pen that is proper for cursive. But you can also print the words and images you want for your thank you card. 

How to Write a Thank You Card? 

First thing first, try to make it sound as heartfelt and personal as possible. Write something personal or emotional about the recipient of the card. Make sure that you make it about them instead of you, so you should definitely avoid the use of “I”. Instead, emphasize more on “you” and how much you are grateful for the favor they have done for you or the gift that you have received. 

In your thank you card, let them know what are your plans with the gift that you have received and tell them that you can’t wait to try or use or wear it. 

Also, remember to thank not only for the gift but the giver as well to appreciate their thoughtfullness and generosity. 

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