Tips To Make a Cutting-Edge Graphic Design

by Mika Moore
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Graphic design is a very interesting field to explore. Especially for those of you who are starting to find that graphic design is a field that will be your future career. As you read this article, you might find yourself not a designer from the beginning, and that is totally okay. Or maybe you click this page and by any chance, you are a pro designer. Either way, it is always exciting to learn something new, isn’t it?

Before we go further, are you familiar with the cutting-edge terms? If not, let me tell you. A cutting-edge is a term that means a new idea. Something innovative and different from others, in this case, is graphic design. Of course, there are many elements contained in a design. So, a cutting-edge graphic design means a design that pushing out in all directions and trying to be the first of its kind. So how do you make such a graphic design? You can read the following article, make sure you read it to the end.

1. Consider Monochromatic

As the name implies, monochromatic is a colour scheme that originates from one hue and is enlarged by using shades of that colour hue. In addition, tones and tints play an important role in creating a monochromatic colour. Then how to apply the design using monochromatic colours? It’s easy, you just need to prepare whatever design you want to put the colour into. After that, you can use a single colour and innovate with the hue to expand the range of colour shades. Make sure you pay attention to any stroke on your design to further strengthen the monochrome impression. The monochromatic scheme gives you the opportunity to communicate on art and design since it allows you to have a greater range of contrast and tones.

2. Use Simple Gradients

The gradients that you might apply to create a cutting-edge design are simple gradients. What does it mean? A simplified gradient could mean you are using one type of colour gradient that has a gradient. In addition, you can use gradients as a background replacement medium which may be a little more complicated. So, you do two tasks with only one method, efficiency at its finest.

3. Neutral Colours

You may already be quite familiar with neutral colours. If on social media, you will easily find it on the Instagram platform. There are many aesthetic photos that put forward the concept of neutral colour on various things such as furniture, wall paint colours, even clothes and accessories. You can create graphic designs with neutral colour mode, especially on poster or flyer graphic designs. Not only that, but also you can also use this colour type for interior design colour selection. When applying to an object, make sure you pay attention to the secondary colours also, this will result in a better perspective.

There are other ways to create a cutting-edge design in graphic design. Other examples include a combination of abstract illustration and photography and Art deco. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to try to get out of your comfort zone and make trends in cutting edge-designs!

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