What’s Great About Using a Standee Banner For Promotions

by Terry Hunyh
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Most people are more familiar with the large type of banner that is hung on walls or between poles in crowded places for people to look at as they pass by the area. Sure, this type of banner really stands out and it’s really great for outdoors. But what if you have to promote indoors in a limited space? Well, the answer is a standee banner. It is a much smaller type of banner, but it works better indoors especially in events like seminars, bazaars, business exhibitions, shows, and so on. However, it is not limited to indoor uses only. It can be used outdoors as well with no problems at all. If you wish to know about the information you can visit professorprint.com to understand more. 

It is a marketing tool that is not only cheap but also holds many advantages. Let’s learn more about them here: 

1. Simple to Handle 

You don’t really need the help of other people to handle this type of banner. From transportation to installation, you can pretty much do it on your own. It is simple and usually comes with a rolling technology, where it already has a protective case that rolls out the banner with one simple pull and automatically enables it to stand on any place you want. Anyone can do it, and it can be done within quick seconds. Most definitely, it does not require any special transportation or extra manpower so you won’t have to spend extra money for it. 

2. Attractive 

A standee banner comes in a size that easily catches people’s attention especially in indoor promotions. It isn’t too small and yet not too big that it doesn’t take up too much space. Now, all you have to do is make the most of your standee banner and design it the best way you can. 

Tips for designing a good standee banner is that try to design it in a vibrant color that can surely grab people’s attention among the crowd. The background color should be in a contrast with the color of the text, so that the text can be easier to read. Don’t put light colored text on a light colored background because it will make it difficult to see. Also, make sure that the font comes in a readable size even from a distance so that people can read it even from far away. Come up with an interesting copy that can pique their interest so that you have a higher chance of reeling them in. Don’t forget about supporting images or graphics to make your banner look more attractive. 

3. Reusable 

You can definitely keep your banner for a long time even after your promotions are over. If one day you need it again, all you have to do is take it out of the storage. This way, you can save up money since you don’t have to make another marketing tool for your campaign. A standee banner does not deteriorate or get ruined that easy, so it should be able to last quite some time until you need it once more.

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